• Stephen B. Caplin, Professional Corporation, is a law firm dedicated to protecting citizens' and consumers' rights. We stand up for civil justice for accident victims. We help people with many types of cases.

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Indianapolis, Indiana

Stephen B. Caplin, Professional Corporation, is a personal injury law firm dedicated to ensuring that the victims of accidents or the deliberate misconduct of corporations or authorities do not suffer unduly. Your accident, injury, or mistreatment may make you feel powerless, but you’re not. No one is above the law, and we are prepared to stand up for your rights against any opponent, no matter how powerful or connected.

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A Full Service Personal Injury Law Firm

Stephen B. Caplin, Professional Corporation, can help you with nearly any type of personal injury lawsuit. Some of the ones we more commonly handle include:

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Civil Justice Is Our Focus

The law is in place to protect us all. It plays an important role in ensuring that corporations don’t try to profit by cheating the system, and can provide remedy when those in power try to abuse their position.

Some companies may try to decrease costs and increase profits by making a dangerous or defective product. Product liability lawsuits make sure they pay the cost of injuries caused by those products. Other companies may try to make money by fraud or unfair trade practices. Consumer rights lawsuits can get back money lost to this type of practice.

People in authority may not live up to the trust we put in them.  Medical malpractice lawsuits hold doctors to the standard of their profession and ensure you don’t have to pay the cost of their errors.

When You’re Hurt, We Can Help

We can help you get compensation for many types of personal injury, including those caused by car accidents and those resulting in wrongful death. We can help you get compensation to cover medical bills, make up for lost wages, and compensate you for diminished quality of life and more.

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