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Car Accidents

Indianapolis, Indiana

Car accidents can occur any time. You may be an excellent driver, but you may be injured by the mistakes of another driver or drivers on the road. After your accident, you may be left with medical bills, lost wages, and more expenses that can be hard to meet. Worse, your insurance company may not be on your side after your accident.

After your car accident, we will be on your side. We will fight for the compensation you deserve. For a free case evaluation, please call 317-815-8600 or email Stephen B. Caplin, Professional Corporation in Indianapolis, Indiana to schedule your free initial consultation.

Car Accidents Are Caused by Driver Error

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 90% of traffic accidents are caused by driver errors, such as:

  • Distracted driving
  • Risky driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Performing other tasks while driving
  • Failure to see other cars
  • Misjudged distances
  • Failure to control car

All other factors, such as weather and road conditions, account for only the remaining 10% of car accidents. Accidents are also caused or worsened by defective vehicles.

Are You Partly Responsible for Your Accident

If you have been told you can’t recover compensation because you are partly responsible for your accident, then you need a lawyer’s help. In Indiana, you can receive compensation as long as you are less than 50% responsible for your accident, even if you are considered more responsible than any other single driver.

As experienced car accident lawyers, we can help you resist arguments that you are responsible for an accident to try to reduce your fault according to the court and maximize your compensation.

Is the Insurance Company on Your Side?

Insurance companies like you to think that they represent you, but the truth is they represent their shareholders first, and their loyalty is often to their profits, not to the people they are supposed to protect.

After your car accident, your insurance company will try to find ways to avoid paying compensation. Insurance companies have been known to not tell you when you have additional coverage, try to imply your injuries are not covered, or even represent other drivers against their policyholders to avoid having to pay claims.

Why Choose Stephen B. Caplin, Professional Corporation

We are experienced personal injury lawyers who have handled many car accident cases in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. We are also dedicated to helping our clients against opponents of all types, and we never shy from a fight with a large corporation like an insurance company, so if it comes to that we can help you.

We also only take cases where our help makes sense for you. If we can’t get you more money or help you resolve your case satisfactorily, we will tell you so, and refer you to someone who can!

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